Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perfect Cowboy by Kat Von Wild

I think this can be a great book, however, it needs some work.  It feels like a first draft.  There are plot holes and it obviously hasn’t been edited for grammar.  Words are misused and sentence structure is poor.  The story has attraction but I think in an attempt to get the steamy love scenes the author has skipped over some plot necessities to keep the reader interested.  

I read the first 20 pages or so that were available in the sample and didn’t get further.  Its hard to read a book that doesn’t feel complete.  I suggest to the author that you re-read your book and see if it makes sense to you, especially the parts about how the ranch is ran and how Angel became in charge of the ranch, if that really is the case.  That part was really confusing.  Good luck!

Review by Sue Owen 
Kat Von Wild Website I couldn't find a personal site so that is the link for her Smashwords author page.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire book 1) J.R Rain

Sam Moon is a surprising hero.  She’s not always likable but she is believable.  She has issues not the least of which is her being a vampire.  It was good to see her overcome her handicap and get on with her life without too much bitterness.  Good lesson. 
This book was well written and the first I’ve read by J.R. Rain.  I intend to read more.  Its not plagued by misspellings and plot holes as some independently published authors tend to put out and for that alone I recommend it.  I was a bit disappointed in the ending but realize that it is part of a series.  This is one of the things that bugs me about books in series.  I understand that you want readers to get the next book but to leave big holes in a book, to me, isn’t right.  For me the ending is everything.  It has to have closure.  This one didn’t.  

However, despite my disappointment in the ending, I do recommend Mr. Rain’s writings and this book in particular.  He’s given Sam just enough sass to make her believable without making her macho.  I look forward to many more hours with Sam.

Review by Sue Owen
J.R. Rain Website