Sunday, April 24, 2011

Across the Sea by Eric Marier

I simply loved this book. It was easy to follow, the characters were adorable, and I fell in love with Lily almost immediately. She was so much like me (not really) that I think the author was watching my childhood unfold (I only wish!).

Francis was unfaltering in his quest to find his brother. I loved the reunion…oops hope that doesn’t give too much away. He is exactly what a boy hero should be and his adventures are exactly like adventures should be. I loved being taken along with him and rooting for him as he got himself into trouble and back out again.

I have to say, there were a couple of places that I kind of got lost in the story and had to read back a bit to figure out where someone came in or what happened. I think, though, that was my own fault for wanting to read faster to find out what happened next rather than a fault of the author’s narrative. This whole book was so much fun to read I found myself putting it down to just think about it a while. Wonder how in the world he, or usually she, would get themselves out of that mess. It was fun to try to figure it out, then go back to the book to see what really happened.

I like the way the author kept us in the era of pirates and kept us in the world of Spain and England. It was fun to imagine those times and he kept the pictures vivid in my mind so I felt I was part of that whole mess and helping them get to the end. I’m really bad at following war stories and I’m afraid this was no exception. I kept getting the two teams mixed up and kept having to go back to check to see who was who. The author was great at not really denoting them as good guys and bad guys which made it that much harder for me to keep track.

The writing style was easy to read, fun to follow and hard to put down. He writes simply without a lot of ‘adult’ words and for that I would recommend it for your young readers. I’m definitely recommending it to my grandson. He’ll love it.

Generally, this was a great book and one well worth reading. You will have great fun with Lily especially. I just adored her and hope to see her in future books.

Author Website:  Eric Marier

Review by Sue Owen

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  1. Very nice review! I just finished reading Eric's book today, and I'm still thinking about it.