Friday, April 8, 2011

And Let Us Begin the Ranting


I’m sure most of you are familiar with Amanda Hocking.  She’s the sweetheart of indie world.  She’s published many, many books as an independent author and, rumor has it, Hollywood is seeking to get movie rights to one of her books.  This rant isn’t necessarily about Ms. Hocking and her success.  My hats off to her and I definitely hold her success up as a remarkable achievement and encourage other indie authors to use her as an example for that at least.

What my issue boils down to is her lack of being part of the real world.  As infamous as she is in the indie world you would think she would at least read her books before publishing them!  Seriously, does it make any sense at all that someone is so dumb they don’t know a vampire until the end of the book AND they have to be told???  And her oh so smart young brother won’t even acknowledge the fact that they exist?  Really?  How does that make any sense?   No cops when she runs away?  What mom would not turn her in?  Can we say child abuse?? Why would the vamps take her in knowing she’s underage and it’s illegal!!!  Seriously???  

I was prepared to hate this book because as I started reading it the misspellings and misuse of the English language was atrocious.  Even the font and formatting didn’t follow throughout the book; fodder for future rants, by the way.  However, once I sealed myself again all the badness in the book, and got past the really annoying reality overlooks, it was a pretty good plot.  Kind of reminded me, however, of another recently movie-ized vampire movie which will remain nameless.

So I probably won’t read any more of her books even though I enjoyed the ending.  It physically hurts me when authors don’t take the time to read over their own works and leave completely idiotic and lame plot lines in such as Ms. Hocking did in My Blood Approves. 

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  1. I read the first of her Trylle books and was appalled at how poorly written it was. The actual writing was bad enough, but the plot was ridiculous. How dare she just suddenly stop with all those questions unanswered? As a publisher (which I am), I would reject this book based on the first few pages. As an author (which I also am), I am embarrassed. But I read all the glowing reviews and realized her fans are, for the most part, young and illiterate. What a shame. Kids learn to write by reading; we all do. Ms. Hocking should do a whole lot more reading, and less writing, before she influences any more folks to write dreck.