Friday, April 29, 2011

Master of Voodoo: Rise of the Dead by Justin Cline

The concept of this book is one that I haven’t seen too often and was refreshing to attributing events to voodoo rather than vampirism.  For that alone, I liked the book.  However, I found it hard to follow in some places.  When he made the transition the first time from reality to dream I completely lost it.  Took me a while to realize I missed something.  The second time was a little easier to spot.  There were also some references in there, or innuendos such as the cell phone in my head part that I feel could be elaborated on more.  Which brings me to my other issue with this book … it wasn’t near long enough.   

I would love to see the author go back through this novella and elaborate more.  I think it can be a blown-away book if some pieces were followed up on and areas were made more … well just made ‘more.’  Gibson is totally likable and the poor guy has no clue what he’s gotten into and I believe that should be taken advantage of.  More history, more voodoo, more explanation of events;  well, just more!

I did like this book but I beseech the author to go back and take advantage of the great start and make me a page-turning-epic novel.  Oh and I almost forgot ... the cover of this book is super cool!

Author site:  Justin Cline

Review by Sue Owen

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