Monday, April 4, 2011

Murder Creek By Allure Van Sanz and Random Wicks

This book takes a walk on the dark side of humanity.  Shy is completely believable as an assassin that has little humanity left.  She’s rough and unforgiving.  Its pretty easy to tell no one has cut her a break and she’s going to treat everyone else the same.  When she goes after Vic it becomes a contest of who is the badest.  Could a relationship between them really work out?  You’ll have to read to find out.

From the beginning the authors draw you into a world of darkness making you challenged to remember your own humanity.  To be honest this type of book isn’t one that I would seek out to read.  It has too much bitterness, hostility and maybe honesty for me.  However, it is very well written and the images are extremely graphic and draw you completely through where the authors intended.  If you like this type of dark story, it is well worth purchasing.

Review by Sue Owen

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