Saturday, April 16, 2011

Run by Blake Crouch

From beginning to end this book was full of action.  The author does a fantastic job of keeping us with his characters and seeing what they are seeing.  There is some pretty gruesome stuff in this novel but none of it is beyond reality.  People do some pretty terrible things to each other when they think there is no cost.  His story line is totally believable and keeps the reader in suspense not only for the end but for each time the family has to run.  Will this be the last time they are together?  When Jack gets taken from them, I felt for sure that was the end of him and I felt very sad.  During the whole book I was fighting right along with them, screaming in some places to get them to do something to help save their lives.  

This book is very intense and the many scenes of violence and bloodshed as well as the steps this family goes through to protect each other and themselves is amazing.  The author is gifted in building suspense and then ‘pow’ you are blown away with the resolutions.  I won’t give away the ending because you absolutely have to read this book but suffice it to say, I was bawling my eyes out by the end.  Suspense, drama, love, hate, revenge, mayhem and murder are all here.  This is a must read as far as I’m concerned but allow plenty of time to read it through because it is so hard to find places where you can leave the family and put the book down!

Author Web Site:  Blake Crouch

Review by Sue Owen

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