Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bloodline of a Kane by Bobby Dennis Jr.

This book was a total surprise.  It is a family’s biography and gives their history from the early slavery days until about the 1940s.  The author does a great job of depicting those eras of American history and his family’s small part in its development.  It’s not written in true autobiographical style in that it doesn’t stick to only the family’s personal journey.  It covers events in history that correspond to the lives of the family being portrayed.  I found it very interesting to read.  The author takes you on a journey through time and then drops you into a specific place along that time line where his family’s interactions and detailed struggles fully illustrate the times.  

I don’t normally read biographies.  In fact I stay away from them.  I find them depressing.  However, “Bloodline of a Kane” more than illustrates the positive side of family and what it means to support each other and stand behind one other.  There are times when the novel is a bit graphic and the author certainly doesn’t hold back on the very shady sides of his family but the people are so very real and so likeable that I found myself wanting to justify their actions. 

I completely loved this novel and the Kane family itself.  I know the author probably left out the many down sides to being a family working outside the law and the elements of trafficking that those of us lucky enough to not see that side of life will never know.  But even knowing that, I really felt compelled to finish this book and shout along with the family members that family comes first.  I was saddened to find that as happens with time and elements outside of our control, the in the end the family broke apart and went separate ways.  But the author made sure the Kane family legacy lives on in his brilliant representation of its history. 

Thank you very much, Mr. Dennis, for sharing your turbulent history with us.  This goes on my must read pile.  One thing I have to mention, however, is that it could use some proof reading.  There are some grammatical errors and miss-use of words but it in no way detracts from this completely awesome novel. 

Author Web Site:  Bobby Dennis Jr.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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