Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chasing History: The Sword's Journey by Sue Owen

I know I know.  I'm not supposed to use my own site to further my own book but why not???   I work hard to promote other Indie authors why can't I promote myself?  I mean really!!!!  Put this under the heading of rant. 

My first book, The Sword's Journey was released 5/10/11.   It is currently available on Amazon (; Smashwords ( and Barnes & Noble (  I also have it listed with an online bookstore called Breakthrough Bookstore (
Check out my blog BySueOwen ( for updates on 2nd book in this series and other works that are pending publication. 

Josh, Digger and Meri were rudely ported out of their time and far into the future by the Wizard.  King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, is missing from its timeline.  Without the sword in its proper place in history, everything from that point forward could change.  Josh and his new found friends must find a way to return the sword to Arthur that won’t upset the timeline.  However, the Bard’s have other plans.  They want to rule time.  They would do anything to stop the return of the sword.  Is it murder to eliminate a timeline so that person was never born?  

Follow Josh and his friends back in time to Camelot.  Meet the Lady in the Lake, the King’s nephew and Merlin.  Rejoice as things go right and cry when a dear friend is erased from time.  Did they do something wrong?  Can it be fixed or was the Sword’s Journey the catalyst to the world’s demise?

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