Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her Peaceful Sleep by Alex Canton-Dutari

This is a sweet little story written from an interesting perspective.  It deals nicely with a very tough subject: death.  The author carries the reader through some of the toughest times imaginable when you love someone.  However, it’s done with care, reverence and acceptance of the situation.  But really, it’s the point of view that makes this book.  

I did have trouble finding my way through some of the pages.  I got completely lost once in the middle of the book and took a few paragraphs to get back on task.  I think some more rewriting is in order to bring the tale closer together, maybe shorten the timeline it covers to provide clearer insight. 

I did love the story though and will think of it often when need arises.  It brings comfort somehow knowing there are others affected besides us humans.  

Author Site:  Alex Canton-Dutari
Reviewed by Sue Owen

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