Tuesday, May 3, 2011

L. A. Nocturne by Katherine Tomlinson

This is a collection of 5 short stories.  Now I’ll say right up front that I’m not a big fan of short stories and most of the time they are short for a reason … because they are not tales anyone would want more of.  Not so the case for author Katherine Tomlinson’s collection.  Four out of the five stories left me wanting more.  The fifth, The Smallest of the Summoner’s Bells almost made me toss my Nook out the window.  I did NOT want that story to end.  It’s just a cute, sweet little story and I wanted to hear more of the bells, the collection and what made this particular pawn broker the way she was.  What happens when the King of Air and Darkness catches up with the kid?  Oh and more pixies please!  You just know there is more to that store and by golly I want to hear it.  Fork over Ms. Tomlinson!

There were some editing issues throughout this book.  As anyone knows who’s read my rants, editing is one of the things that I advocate for especially for Indie authors.  Read your work!   Although very few errors in this collection, they have a tendency to subtract from the reading experience for me and if there are enough of them, I can’t continue reading a book.  Not that I’m the most grammatically correct person, because I’m not and that may be why I have so much issue with it is because if I can spot them, they must be really obvious!  So, please, I caution Ms. Tomlinson and all Indie publishers; read before release!

There were also some weird formatting issues going on with this version of the book.  I’m not sure how to get around that but I found big, black lines in odd places.  I’m sure that’s not the author’s fault and not sure it can be fixed, just something I noted in case anyone else sees this when they read these stories.

As I like to finish up, generally, this was a very nice collection of short stories tending to leave the reader wanting more.  I see them more as synopsis for future works so put your thinking cap back on Ms. T., roll up your sleeves, and give us the next greatest American novel.  Good job!

Author Website:  Katherine Tomlinson 

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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