Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sylvianna by Keryl Raist

I loved the characters in this book.  Autumn was a particular favorite.  She hovered in the background and popped up when she was needed or needed to cause trouble.  Then she’d pop back out.  You always knew when she was around something was going to happen or someone was going to be in trouble.  I love her personality and the way you just knew there was more to her than her good looks.

The tension between Chris and Sarah was almost overwhelming.  I particularly liked the way the author tied these two characters together and kept them intertwined.   In fact, throughout the book the author did excellent characterizations and added those little touches to a character’s personality that some authors tend to overlook.  It makes the characters so much more real when those pieces are added.

I liked the setting and the nuisances of the book and how she wove magic, warlocks, mages and the whole monster thing together leading up to the grand climax.  I liked how we were drawn to the players in this game and were allowed to pick our hero.  I enjoyed reading this book very much.  It was well written.

The only thing that I noticed in several places is the author tended to repeat scenes that had already been done.  More than a few times there were places where, in particular Chris and Sarah, had encounters that I felt could have been left out.  In my humble opinion there were many places where there was just ‘chatter’ and nothing was being added to the book or nothing going on that was moving the plot forward.  I recommend going back and cutting those areas out.  It tends to make for some boring parts in the book and might make readers pause and possible put down the book in favor of something else.

Generally, it was a good book and I would recommend reading it but you might want to look for and skip ahead on some of the repeat pages or look for a rewrite?    

Author Site:  Keryl Raist 
Reviewer:  Sue Owen

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