Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plans by Natalie Smothers

Brilliant! This book has been by far the easiest read and best written book I have read in a long time. I found myself wondering if this story that the author came up with was a true story. The way the book flowed made me feel like it was a real life account of someone. I have to say I laughed and I cried and I lost myself in the life of the main character, feeling things that she was going through.  

This author made it a point to make you feel included by informing you of what you need to know about the artistic world so that you don’t feel left out of any part of a conversation the characters might have.
I can’t say that I have lost myself in a book like this in a long time and to the author I say Thank You. Wonderful read for someone that needs a romantic story. I highly recommend it. I for sure Plan on reading it again.

Reviewed by Lynn Kneeland

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