Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reversible Skirt by Laura McHale Holland

The author did a great job of representing the child-like references for the early years.  I did like her subtle nuances of the little girl trying to figure out the adult world around her and how she was going to be able to fit into it.  It is a sweet story and free from the indie pitfalls of misspellings and rough patches of reading misuse of words, bad grammar, etc. 

For me, at the very bottom of my reading lists are autobiographies.  I like to preface any autobio that I review with that sentence because very few of them actually catch my attention and are able to hold my interest.  I’m sorry to say, this was one of them I just couldn't get into.  Although I was unable to finish it, this certainly was not without good points and, if you like this type of writing, it is a great representation.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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