Sunday, July 31, 2011

7th Inning Death by Allen Schatz

I found this book a little hard to follow.  It felt disjointed to me.  There are a lot of main characters and I couldn’t figure out at times which one I was following.  Maybe there was just too much going on for me to focus on any one thing.  I recommend trying to consolidate some of those break out portions a little more so we aren’t weaving in and out of several stories at once.

I loved the plot, though and found the ending a great surprise which is always my favorite ending.  Once I accepted the character changes and got kind of into the weave of chasing the characters I was more able to follow the storyline.

I’d like to see a rewrite before I highly recommend this book.  I just feel that it is too much messing around and not enough story telling.  One thing I'd like to mention that I don't normally is the book cover.  It is truly one of the greatest covers representing a story I've seen in a while. 

Review by Sue Owen

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