Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Golden Mane by Sam Gilmour

This was an interesting take on an old theme.  Well getting old for me.  I’m done with vampires and werewolves.  However, the author took a whole new look at werewolves and gave them some powers, a quest to save the world and some very interesting personalities and companions.  

I really enjoyed reading this book because of the intricacies of the personalities involved and the fact that there was something new around the next corner.  Learning along with the lead character was perfect and it was done in such a way that it was interesting and made me feel that I wasn’t left behind.  I love the personalities that the author put into some of the characters and how utterly unpredictable it all was.

Adding the element of magic and the great interaction between players made this book for me.  Like I said, I’m done with vampire and werewolf books but this just didn’t have that kind of a feeling.  I was drawn in from the beginning and did enjoy reading it. 

There were a few slow parts and I’m afraid I have to say at least one or two characters that felt superfluous to the story … almost as if the author had an ulterior motive for adding them but it didn’t really detract from the story too much.  Great story and great read.  Definitely a must read for me.  

Review by:  Sue Owen

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