Monday, August 8, 2011

January Moon by Maureen Gill

I could not put this book down.  I was warned before reading it that it dealt with a sensitive subject matter particularly for a woman.   So I started reading this with some trepidation.  Maureen handled the subject straight forward, head on and without apology or embarrassment.  Without a doubt I will be doing research and helping to raise awareness of this serious and unacceptable practice.  

The story itself is a bit like Maureen.  Straight forward, head on and without embarrassment.  It was hard to read in places when dealing with the lowest scum of the earth and I’m sure it had to of been hard to write.  I felt pain in some places and tears flowed a few times which is not normal for me. 

The characters were more than believable and I was right there with them catching their backs as they confronted opposition.  I was pushing and encouraging when they needed it.  I reached for the phone a few times to give someone a call that I felt might benefit from a cheerful voice just to realize it was just a book.  Not that I would describe this as just a book.  It is far more than that.

The many sides of this book are obvious when you start reading it.  Relationships are not one-sided and Maureen certainly doesn’t paint a rosy picture of life here.  But what she does do is give you champions, heroes and villains and she guides you through the rough times and into the light.  I treasured every page and will re-read this book. 

I’m not sure if she adds the Trooper, Shadow and Wolf piece onto every version but when I read that I cried all over again.  What a beautiful memory she has chosen to share with her readers and a great insight into her personal life and this just makes me adore Maureen all the more. 

This is a must read and one of very few books that I will read again and again.  I kept having to check the cover to make sure I wasn’t reading a Dick Frances book.  It’s a great thriller and perfect study of human-kind at its lowest and best.

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