Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seeing Julia by Katherine Owen

I did enjoy reading this book, in fact had a hard time putting it down but I think that’s more because of the ‘train wreck’ syndrome feeling for the main character.  Julia is a mess.  Makes me feel so much better about my life.  I think her attitude towards her life and sometime outright whining kind of got to me after a while.  I would have like to of seen more dimensions to her other than her massive effort, failed, at the end to bring things together. 

I don’t like her disregard for motherhood and just had a hard time believing her attitude generally.  Granted I’ve never grown up with money so I don’t know how someone already spoiled and used to getting their way would react when put in this situation but some stuff in the story I just couldn’t conceive happening. 

I was happy for the ending and the way the author made it all come together. 

As a note to the author, the formatting towards the end of my copy was really bad.  There were words left out, major pieces of text missing, words missing and some places paragraphs repeated.  I don’t know if that is a result of the text/formatting of the book when you published it or if it just didn’t get edited properly … my guess is it’s a formatting issue.  Might check it out before many more copies are sold.

Overall, I think the concepts behind Seeing Julia are great and the author does a good job conveying the idea.  

Review by Sue Owen

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