Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nephilim Genesis of Evil by Renee Pawlish

This was an amazing book…I could hardly put it down.  It was fast paced enough to not get boring but there was plenty of storyline to keep me interested.  I love books like this that follow a legend and offer very plausible evidence that what is happening can be contributed to the legend.  

I liked the way the characters unfolded without having to go into in depth reviews about the background of each character even though their backgrounds were very important.  But you figured it out.  I like that the author didn’t treat me like a three year old by letting me get things on my own without having to tell me every five minutes, hey remember that.  But at the same time the important points were not left to chance.

This book was scary in places but it defiantly has plenty of heart and you gain a feel for the characters and mourn when they are gone.  This would make an awesome movie with special effects and horrendous bad guys.  This is a total must read for me.

Review by Sue Owen

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