Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yetzirah by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Yetzirah:  The Pocket Worlds - The Butterfly is the best book ever!  It is well written, the characters are likable (when they should be) and the story is easy to follow.  Its kind of like Wizard of Oz meets Cinderella.  I loved reading this.  The world the author creates is amazing.  I would not be ashamed to admit that I may have laid down and tried to find the door.  The world completely grabs the imagination and draws you in.  I love the idea of different pockets that can be made as we wanted.  

The characters in this book are so varied it could have easily gotten out of control but the author kept them together and added their little character quirks as she went along making them more of the plot then some big, long analysis of who that person was.  I liked the vivid descriptions of each pocket and the variety. 

The ending was great.  Although I kind of saw it coming it was wonderful watching it all unfold and I’m very happy that when I learn how to focus that maybe Yetzirah will be waiting for me.  I give this a hearty must read.  It was fun and very enjoyable to travel through.  

Review by Sue Owen

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