Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andy McDougal and the Crypt of the Chimera by Kevin Richardson

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This story is written deep in the heart of science fiction.  From the beginning, it’s easy to tell this is going to be a life-changing story and certainly is for the very believable Andy McDougal.  Try as you might, even if you don’t like sci-fi that much you will be drawn into Andy’s story.

Whether you feel sorry for him or want him to fail, it doesn’t matter.  The author leaves that up to you and just strings you along to find out what in the world is happening. 

The question of what is under the bed that Andy struggles with during parts of the book is one that every kid wonders.  If the lights go out is there something that comes alive under the bed or in the closet?  Why is it that we are unable to not think things are different in the dark? 

Richardson spins a wonderful tale full of heroes, villains, and mystery in this book and I believe it will end up being a classic.  It’s a great ‘read to me’ story, too, as long as your children are not too prone to night mares.  I loved this book and the way it wove in and out of reality and fantasy and kept me interested throughout.  I believe the age group chosen will be delighted with this book and consider it a must read.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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  1. Under my bed, as under yours, live the dust bunnies.

    They are wise, the dust bunnies. True, their thoughts are not as linear as our own. How could they be? After all, living under our beds they are exposed to our fragmented dreams. Learning in this erratic way, how can we hold them accountable for their lack of communication skills or their vivid but disjointed beliefs?

    Of course my dust bunnies have dwelt in those dark recesses, beyond the vacuum's reach, for many of our years; to them millennia. Their vast age helps. It is, I believe, why mine have adapted and are able to speak to me. I have learned much. I now understand that their form, the coalescence of dust and dandruff, parts of dead bugs and all the miscellanea is only their outer shell. I did not understand that it was the spaces between the mundane particles, the gravitational force that pulled these disparate forms together into a tumble weed of sentience, that was and is the essence of the dust bunnies.

    I am preparing a white paper, which I will share with the world as soon as the dust bunnies have had time to review and reflect. They promise haste. You will learn more soon. ;-)

  2. Im not sure its safe to tell you exactly whats under my bed...