Sunday, October 30, 2011

Belong by George Wilhite

This is a short story, or novelette as the author calls it, that packs quite a punch.  Even though it only took me a short time to read it, I couldn’t put it down.  Ian is the epitome of geeky kid that we all find ourselves thinking we were or are at some point in our lives.  He’s very easy to associate with, at least for me.

Immediately you are drawn into his plight and sucked into the story.  I can’t say that it scared me but it did make me wonder what is behind the mirrors I look into.  The descriptions in this book are very powerful and considering how short it is are rendered without verbosity.  Line by line the story unfolds and captures the imagination to the hilt. 

This is an awesome work that will become the lifeblood behind the next urban legend.  I intend to retell it to my grand children around the next campfire because it disserves to be told over and over again.  Excellent work.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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