Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coexist by Julia Crane

The story was a quick fun read that dives into the elfin society.  It is less than 160 pages and kept the suspense up throughout the whole book. I do wish that I could have experienced  some parts of the book rather than being told about it...maybe more dialogue between characters or even internal dialogue.  I loved the fact that the main character wasn't a misunderstood teen, but a teen with friends and boys and was loving her life.  There were some minor characters that we didn't really learn too much about and not sure if that was intentional because this is a series or if they just weren't developed enough.  However, I still loved reading about the elfin society and trying to figure out if any of my friends and family are maybe not all human! 
Julia Crane knows how to weave a story and keep it going til the end ... well ... okay ... she keeps it  going through the end as we are left with an unpredictable twist that leaves a reader needing the next book!  It is a very fun clean read that I would recommend for all ages, it was clean enough for middle grades to read.

Review by (Guest Reviewer) Jacque Stengel


  1. What a nice surprise :) Thank you so much for taking your time to read and review Coexist.

  2. What I liked about this novel from the start was the fact that it was something I'd never read before - at least not in this exact way, and that is always refreshing. The author offers a fresh concept to the genre and does a good job creating her characters. It was easy for me to get wrapped up in Keegan and her life, and I enjoyed seeing her develop throughout the story. The primary audience for this type of novel is probably geared more toward teens; however, it offers plenty of intrigue for us adults as well. Overall, it's a good read, and I enjoyed it.
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  3. Coexist, the first novel in a planned series, and an outright first novel ever by Julia Crane, is a paranormal romance with an Irish flair. It's a tale of elves and love and destiny, the struggle between light and dark, and the consequences of war. And yes, part of the novel - a very important part, by the way - does take place in Ireland, though the main setting is the US.

  4. First book I have ever read from Julia Crane. Since then, I have been reading her other books and I enjoy reading them very much.