Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fistful of Reefer by David Mark Brown

The name of this book is deceiving but once you’ve read the book you totally get why the author chose that name.  I was prepared to read the first couple of chapters and send it back un-reviewed, however, it surprised me.  Pleasantly I have to add.  It’s billed as a spaghetti western style and it certainly is.  Keeping true to that genre it has the fumbling sheriff, the bad guy who’s really good and the story is quick, decisive and almost unbelievable.

This was a quick read but one that was very entertaining.  I had some issues with a couple of places where reality took a definite right turn and I just couldn’t follow along but generally it was a lot of fun to think about how great it would be were it true.

I would recommend this book but remember that true life isn’t going to apply here and that your limits of reality will be tested.  I especially liked the end … but I don’t give away plots.  You’ll just have to read it to see what I mean.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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