Sunday, October 9, 2011

Momentoes of Mai by Helmy Parlente Kusuma

It was obvious from the start that English was not this author’s first language. I started getting frustrated with the obvious lack of attempting to write full sentences but once I realized that it wasn’t written by an English speaking person I began to also realize that maybe that was the intention. I didn’t get the impression when I first agreed to review this book that is was a biography or I probably would have turned it down. I don’t like true life type tales and autobiographies usually leave me cold.

However, this was kind of a cute little story. I still didn’t really like it as there wasn’t really a plot to cling to and I do love my plots. I decided to go ahead and review it because I can say that I liked the author’s way of putting his feelings up front and discussing his acquaintances honestly. I really don’t know that much about this type of book so don’t know if I would recommend it. For me, it was hard to read and I couldn’t follow the actions very well.

But I’m giving it my minimum stars because of the blatant honesty in the book and, what I feel, the intention of writing as if you were speaking to the narrator. It came off endearing to me.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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