Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall Into Winter by Eden Baylee

This book was a bit out of my realm of review criteria and I hesitated accepting it but I’m glad I did.  It is erotica and it is a collection of short stories; just to let you know that right up front. 

That being said, I enjoyed reading this book.  The four stories were well written and, yes, full of sexual scenes but they, too, were well written.  There were story lines for each of the four stories so it wasn’t just a matter of boy jumping into bed with girl, getting it on, and end of story.

Baylee made an attempt at creating believable characters and I think she did a pretty good job considering they are short stories.  I’d like to see more by this author and an attempt to put together a full length book.  I believe she definitely has to potential to create a good, ground shaking erotica book that will fly off the shelves.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

Finding Kate Huntley by Theresa Ragan

This is a wonderful, fast paced action adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  In the tradition of James Bond, Kate Huntley kicks … well you know.  She’s one heck of a fighter and still had time to be a very feminine woman.  If James were a she, Kate would be it. 

I liked this book a lot.  It kept moving and during the whole book I didn’t once doubt the end would be explosive.  The only given was that the boy/girl combo would probably work out eventually.  Some things have to be expected, right? 

Nothing else in this book was expected, however.  It is riddled with surprise after surprise and kept me guessing the whole time.  It was a great story, good characters and full of twists and turns.  Definitely a must read.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Story of Plan B by Kate Dempsey

This is a zippy little tale that is full of indecision and heartbreak.  Over all it is pretty upbeat but has some moments where you want to tear your hair out based on character’s actions.  Sometimes the narrative gets a bit slow but overall it is enjoyable to read.  I like the main character, Zoe and empathize with her lack of being able to control her own life.

Other than Zoe, there isn’t a lot of unnecessary character analysis and you are allowed to get to know them individually just as you would any real life friend.  The author doesn’t push character flaws, weakness or advantages at you and allows you to make up your own mind. 

The plot is slow at times but mostly it moves along.  Even in the dark times, Zoe is as upbeat as she can be and seems to maintain a positive attitude about things and the people around her.  I thought she was a very likable persona and I think we could be friends. 

I recommend this book for its story line and possibilities.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Leah's Wake by Terri Giuliano Long

There were a lot of truths in this book and at times it was hard for me to read.  Not because of the writing, but because the story hit close to home as it probably does for a lot of people.  Troubled families are becoming the norm rather than the exception.  Either that or we are just being made aware of them more often.  This book was very well written and great care was taken to not label the rebellious, insensitive and scared teen as “the bad guy” because truly she isn’t.

I’ve read many books like this that try to portray the effects peer pressure and bad choices make on ourselves and the loved ones around us but few books have hit the mark.  This one has.  I recommend this book to anyone with a troubled teen to have your teen read this story.  She/he will associate with Leah and what she’s going through and maybe penetrate their rebellious ways.

For the story itself, it was very touching and endearing but hard to read because of the truths.  I highly recommend this book.  I wish it had been around when I was growing up and when my kids needed it.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tracking Shadows by Regan Black

This is not your classic love story.  But it is a great one.  Black has interwoven this story with all the classics found in other great works.  Mystery, intrigue, deception, betrayal, and romance.  Top that off with a great story line and some misdirection and you have one great book.

I loved reading this.  It’s borderline dark thriller but not enough that I found myself going ‘ewww’ when heads rolled.  It was graphic enough to portray its meaning but not enough to make me lose my lunch.  The story line was believable and so were the characters.

Rarely have I read such a deep story and gotten carried away as I did with “Tracking Shadows.”  I fell right into it and when Trina hurt, I felt her pain.  I loved the bad guys and good guys alike and mourned for the deaths and rejoiced for those spared.  This is such a good book I recommend you read it twice.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Chosen One by Nicole Storey

The Chosen One is a middle grade book that is a fun read even for adults.  It is about an autistic kid, Gage, that travels to his own imaginary world.  He is a very likable character because he is quirky.  He reminds me of my sona lot! 

The world created by the author was very believable and the whole book was well written and easy to follow.  This book was fun to read, easy to follow and entertaining.  A good read me book, too.

I really liked the cover, too.  It was very spooky and well designed.  Got my attention for sure.  

Reviewed by Sharon Nelson

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford

By itself, this is a well written book.  The story is a good one, easy to follow and has some great characters, like the grandmother.  She’s pretty special.  I liked how the author let us into the private world of witchcraft and showed us, along with the heroine.  Realizing it is a work of fiction, I learned a lot about why witchcraft is the way it is and its association with the Earth.  I liked being taught.

I have to say, however, other than the way the author opened up the witchcraft world, the story was pretty typical of a witches and warlock story.  I think there was too much emphasis placed on the couple’s ‘link’ and way too many times where they ‘didn’t do it.’  It felt like the author struggled between making this a romance and a witch story.  I kind of felt torn as I was reading it.  Am I reading a romance where I can expect it to get hot and steamy or am I reading a witch book where it’s going to get weird and exciting. 

I did enjoy the book, however and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to a younger audience.  I’m not sure that an adult would find it as enjoyable as I did since I’m basically a YA type of gal.  Worth a pickup, though.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

The Good Knight by Sarah Woodbury

This book was written just for me.  It had me in it as the heroine.  A nobody that made a name for herself and got the man of her dreams eventually.  A hero that was dashing, daring, and a damn nice guy and a really bad villain that no one guessed was bad.  It had all the right ingredients for a super incredible book.  I loved it from beginning to end.

I think what I liked most about this book is the ease it was to read.  It didn’t have any fancy speech, no huge words that I had to look up and no terms that I didn’t understand.  It  was written with an easy-going style that I found relaxing.

The story was believable, the characters easy to fall in love with even if you didn’t want to and it had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing throughout.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Definitely a must read over and over again.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen