Saturday, November 5, 2011

Short & Twisted - An Anthology of Dark Tales

Authors (in order of appearance) Shawn Scarber, Becky Burkheart, William Ledbetter, Lorelei Buckley, Sue Stanfield, Emma Aprea, Tricia Ferguson, Scarlett Sedona, Autumn Shelley, Amy Oakley, L. LaCroix and Pat Lacy

I don’t normally review anthologies so this was a treat for me.  What was nice about this collection is that each tale brought a unique idea.  It wasn’t the same old collection of stories that could have been thrown together.  You could tell that some thought was put into the order of how it was presented and each tale was different; no idea was repeated. 

Couple highlights for me:  Skin Trade held me from the word go.  I had no idea where that was headed but when I got there I was amazed.  Very good story.  Good Morning Sunshine I would have liked to read more of.  If you decide to make this a full length novel, count me in.  I think there was so much left out that could have made a fascinating story.  Endless was a complete surprise.  I was ready for the typical ending but didn’t get it.  Thanks!  What Happens In Vegas was a great story.  Considering it was short story it had more twists and turns than any full length novel.  Kept me guessing all the way to the end.  Wicked … on word.  Sick! 

This was a fun read.  I enjoyed all the stories and the poem at the end.  I’d like to read more from these writers and congratulations to the group as a whole.  This is a must read for me.

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

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