Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tracking Shadows by Regan Black

This is not your classic love story.  But it is a great one.  Black has interwoven this story with all the classics found in other great works.  Mystery, intrigue, deception, betrayal, and romance.  Top that off with a great story line and some misdirection and you have one great book.

I loved reading this.  It’s borderline dark thriller but not enough that I found myself going ‘ewww’ when heads rolled.  It was graphic enough to portray its meaning but not enough to make me lose my lunch.  The story line was believable and so were the characters.

Rarely have I read such a deep story and gotten carried away as I did with “Tracking Shadows.”  I fell right into it and when Trina hurt, I felt her pain.  I loved the bad guys and good guys alike and mourned for the deaths and rejoiced for those spared.  This is such a good book I recommend you read it twice.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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