Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ambasadora by Heidi Ruby Miller

I had trouble following the storyline in this book.  There were a lot of new terms and some I had trouble understanding.  The storyline, too, seemed too big for this novel.  I couldn’t really get into the concepts that were trying to be conveyed.  I still don’t think I fully understand what an ambasadora is.
I did like the way the author developed the characters.  I knew who was the good guys and who the bad without too much trouble.  But I just couldn’t get into this book because of the story line.  It felt stilted to me as if the author couldn’t make up their mind which direction they wanted to go with it.  Just felt disjointed.
I, however, am recommending it for the good job Miller did on character development.  It shows insight into human behavior and does a nice portrayal of what is good in us and what is bad.  I think some more details should be put in the book in order to do more hand holding for us that didn’t quite get the concept up front.  Maybe even enough of a storyline to make this into a series.  

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  1. Thanks for giving AMBASADORA a try, Sue, and for taking time to review it!

    Happy New Year!