Saturday, December 10, 2011

King of Paine by Larry Kahn

This novel held a few surprises for me.  I, of course, was aware of the practice of BDSM but never put much thought to the role discretion played.  Absolute trust even beyond that called for in normal sexual relationships is paramount.  If that trust were broken it very well could mean a life.  I never know what I’m going to get into when I start a new book.  The author moved me to a new expectation for suspense. 

He builds his case from many directions and it just seemed that around each corner was a new surprise.  But it wasn’t over whelming like it can be in some books.  The lead character Frank Paine is likeable despite himself.  I very much enjoyed finding that out. 

Paine’s motives for discovering the truth are obvious throughout and he uses a dogged determination to pursue the end of the trail, which was suspenseful and surprising.  The author used every trick in the book to hide, deceive and suspend each turn and angle.  It was a wonderful trail of discover I was lead on and I am very happy to recommend this book.  
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Reviewed by Sue Owen

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