Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Novel Affair by Sinara Ellis

This is one of the more entertaining books that I have come across.  I loved reading this from beginning to end.  The story was great and the way the author handled the transition from real life to fantasy was perfect.  I laughed out loud in several places and just found the whole concept of writing about writing so intriguing that I just couldn’t put it down. (Why didn’t I think of this!!)

I don’t think it was quite fair of Ellis to publish this as a romance.  It could just as easily been an autobiography but it was so well written that I’m glad she did it this way because I wouldn’t have read it had it been a bio and I’m very glad I did read it.

I highly recommend this book because of the unique writing style and excellent story line.  It’s almost like reading two books at once.  I cried and empathized with the main character or should I say characters many times and had a great time doing it.

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

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