Monday, December 5, 2011

Perfect Copy by Judith Gaines

I’m afraid I had trouble following this book.  I enjoyed the concept the author was trying to present and for the most part the story followed a logical path.  However, especially at the beginning, I had trouble associating with the characters. 

There didn’t seem to be a connect there.  I thought I was reading about one character but as I moved along it appeared there were more than one and then I read back and found I still couldn’t tell.  I guess it wasn’t obvious enough for me as a casual reader. 

I do give points for originality of idea and there were a lot of good plot points that I enjoyed.  I would like to see more stress placed on some of the more obtuse points in the novel.  Unless that was done on purpose because the author intended this to be a book that had to be studied and not just read.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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