Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red Fox Woman by Judy Ann Davis

This story reminds me a lot of the old westerns I used to read when I was much younger.  It has a quaint air to it with a nice story line.  I was quickly drawn into the lives of the main characters and cheered at their successes. 

Character development is of a style that I very much enjoy.  There isn’t a lot of tell and it is very much a show meaning the characters are allowed to develop through their actions and their impressions on other characters and not a lot of narrative by the author telling us what we should think of the characters.  It makes for a very nice read.

There were a few plot twists in this book but nothing that didn’t get resolved.  Overall I think this was a great western with romance and intrigue.  I would recommend it without hesitation.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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