Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Seed by Ania Ahlborn

When I started reading this book I saw that the two young girls carried the same names as two of my grand children, Charlie and Adrian (spelled different) so got really excited about reading this book.  Until I realized what was happening then I got scared for them.

I had trouble getting into the beginning of this book.  I realize that it is important for character development to have all the information about life before a crisis but I’m almost thinking the author put too much before.  Perhaps it might have been more interesting for me as a reader to get an immediate, up front look into the intensity of this thriller instead of so much lead in. 

It might also have helped make the ending of the book a little less intense.  For this book, the end was almost too intense moving from one fingernail-chewing scene to the next with hardly a break.  I’m not saying it wasn’t well written because it was, I’m just saying that as a reader I maybe could have used a break scene in there once in a while at the end. 

I do recommend this book as is.  You will learn to hate the ending and love it at the same time.  Character development is amazing in this especially for little Charlie and what she has to go through.  I’m not sure I would have handled things as well as the parents did but the way the author took on this dual or more role for little Charlie was amazing.  I’m still shuddering to think how my own little Charlie would have handled this type of a story and am so beyond glad she doesn’t have to.


Reviewed by Sue Owen

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