Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twin Rivers by Jessica L. Buike

For a short story, this was a very intense read. I literally could not put this down. It still kind of stays with me as I remember parts of it here and there throughout the day. There certainly wasn’t anything missing considering how short the novella was.

I don’t read many true thrillers but this was one that could become a classic. It takes a normal thrill scenario and adds a few unexpected twists. I saw the end coming but didn’t want to acknowledge it and pretended to myself to be surprised. I talked it over with myself several times and decided it couldn’t have been any other way.

I really enjoyed reading this story even though it kept me up that night. It was intense, and the storyline was well played out and kept me rooting for the main character throughout. This is a definite must read if you enjoy suspense at all.

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

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