Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enemy in Blue by Derek Blass

This was a page-turner from beginning to end.  I had some trouble following the main characters but figured it out after a bit.  The plot was complicated but put together nicely and the secrets interwoven good.  There was one place that could have used some clarification; the Mexican standoff part.  I would have liked to have more drama there.  Was ready for a monster fight but felt disappointed.

I really liked the way the author put this all together and made it all fit.  There wasn’t a lot of time wasted setting up scenes which I loved and the author allowed the characters to stand or fall on their own.  There wasn’t any finger point as to who was the good guy.  I got to figure it out as the book progressed.

This was more of a serious read for me.  I had to really pay attention to the plot twists and make sure I understood who had done what to whom.  But that just made it more interesting to read.  I liked this book and recommend it for its more serious plot and characters.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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