Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ghost in Me by Shaunda Wenger

This was a cute story that was fun and easy to read.  Probably geared towards the 7-10 year olds it had a pretty good story line and was easy to follow.  I think its perfect for this age group.  The characters were fun to get to know and seemed believable enough.

Other than I didn’t feel enough emphasis was placed on the ghost, I enjoyed reading it.  But what set it apart for me was the fact that while these guys were going through all this junk together, forming friendships, winning fights, etc. the biggest part of that was the role the ghost played in it.

I just feel there should have been more ‘ghosty’ stuff….more things that a ghost can do that we can’t rather than an effort to make the ghost fit in with what the rest of us are doing.  I did like to book and recommend it but I wanted to see more (hehe) ghost adventure.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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