Sunday, February 12, 2012


First off, I apologize for not getting anything new posted in the last few weeks.  A lot has been happening since mid-November and I'm still trying to figure everything out.  Briefly:  1. Got a new 'live in'; completely messed up my writing schedule.  2. Both my girls decided to move the same weekend; no significance for me other than personal trauma.  3.  'Live in' got job; lost job.  Again, emotional trauma.  4.  Star Wars: The Old Republic came out; damn you MMOs!  5.  I got a new computer; everything having to do with my writing is STILL on the old computer.  6.  Despite reassurance by sales staff, this computer does not run multiple monitors as it is now.  How do people function without two monitors??  7.  Even tho I gave her a monitor AND a wireless card (AND a computer for that matter) my stuff is STILL on the old computer!!! 

So I'm working on it and I promise to get caught up.  I have the last three reviews to post to the normal review sites but I don't have those links back yet and since everything always remembered log ins, I have to rediscover that too. 

I have two more reviews as of today that I will be posting so I'm not too far behind on my reading at least.  I've also been asked to contribute to two anthologies that are both due sometime in March.  While very exciting for me to be honored to be asked, I don't have a thing to write about! 

Thanks again everyone for hanging in there with Paper Mustang.  We will be back on track in a few weeks and I have two new features we will be presenting before summer rolls in. 

Best wishes all,  Sue Owen and the Paper Mustang staff.

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