Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Ripple in Time by Julia Hughes

Before reading this book, I advise brushing up on your history, specifically the Titanic and what-all happened.  This is a great new look at that event and a very well done portrayal of what could have caused this catastrophe.  I found myself quickly engrossed in the characters and, even knowing what was coming next, I was still able to be carried away by the drama unfolding.

If you don’t know anything about the Titanic this is a fun book to read.  You will be caught up in events and find yourself cheering for the good guys and crying a few times along the way.  Where this book excels is when you know the Titanic history and can add your own ‘ah ha’ moments to what could have and (who knows!) maybe did happen back then.

I loved this story, the way history was interpreted, and the great attention to detail in both the event and how the characters would have interacted.  It is a wild ride, however, as this was a very traumatic event in American history but this is well worth picking up and traveling along.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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