Saturday, March 3, 2012

The End of the Computer by Pat Conner

(Written as Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn) This was written more as a biography than a story.  From the title, description and illustration on the cover I was ready for a science fiction book.  But in fact it was more of a science fact.  I don’t know enough about this timeline to know if this really is a true accounting of events but if not, it is written as if things were happening in the real world.

I did enjoy the story but found it rather slow and hard to follow sometimes.  I don’t know if I would find more value if I knew it was a real-life story or if I knew it was pure fiction.  I like to think it was a part of both worlds. 

It defiantly got me thinking about events and where they could lead and if we just don’t know it yet but we are heading for another age that is a lot less mechanical in nature.  I know for my personal life, I am leaning towards less technology and more nature but then I’m getting old and am looking to make changes in my life.  Dumping the computer may just be one of them (or not!).

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

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