Friday, July 6, 2012

Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story by Lindsay Edmunds

I had to laugh when I read the synopsis of this story.  It was hard for me to picture how the author was going to pull off such a feat … a love story between a human and a robot?  Seriously?  Brings to mind some of the really ditzy blondes I know.  But she pulled it off.  This is truly a great love story and Anna is neither ditzy nor blonde. 

I liked the progression of this story a lot.  The interaction between Cel who knew he was in love from the very beginning to Anna and the outcome that was inevitable.  This is a classic love story told in a very unique way but don’t let that deter you reading it.  This is a great book and lots of fun to read. 

I would like to see a bit more in the area of environment description.  There might have been a little too much left to the reader’s imagination but I don’t know that it took anything away from the original story.  It’s just the sci fi freak in me coming out.  I want to see the purple skies and yellow moon.  But either way, it was a good read and one I recommend.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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