Friday, July 6, 2012

Disconnected by A.K. Adler

This is an interesting study about human interaction … at least the way I saw it.  I’m not sure that was the intention of the author.  I spent a lot of my time while reading this trying to figure out where it was all heading.  Once I realized that it wasn’t just a story but a study I was able to better understand what I was reading.

I had trouble following this story and found myself having to go back to catch pieces I missed.  That was when I thought it was just a story, however.  There is much written between the lines in this book and it is more of a novel to study than to just read.  It’s not typically the type of book I enjoy.

It was well written and the characters were easily understood but to my way of thinking there was too much left unsaid.  I need to be led when I’m reading and I feel like I missed something in this novel.  But don’t take my word for it; read it for yourself and let me know.

 Reviewed by Sue Owen

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