Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cinderella's Secret Diary by Ron Vitale

I enjoyed reading this book.  It was well written and put together as if it truly were a Diary.  I immediately got into the life of this rather rambunctious post-teen as she recited her life after her marriage to the prince.  It felt empathy with her as she struggled to find herself in her new world that was so different than the one she left.

I kept having to remind myself that this was written by a man because he got all the right nuances of what it would be like to be a 20something woman in a man’s world.  The plot was enjoyable and even though it didn’t have a bunch of twists and turns like some of the crazy books I’ve been reading lately, it was definitely a good read and one that I would recommend.

The author did a good job describing the world around Cinder and her friends and family that resided there.  I liked the plot even though it was fairly simple and easy to follow.  It was just an all-around good book to curl up with and know it was going to have a happy ending no matter what.  On my must read list for sure.

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 Reviewed by Sue Owen

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