Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gleaming White by Terra Harmony

I was really sorry to have this story end.  When I got to the last page I found myself saying, “wait.  Stop.  What?  NOOOOO!”  Rarely do books and especially short story endings surprise me.  This one did, darn it! 

It sucked me into the story, made me love the main characters and then pulled the rug right out from under me.  Bad Harmony!  Needless to say, I loved this story.  I was riveted from the first moment and carried away to the end.  I think this could be a draft for an amazing full-length book full of twists and turns and (in my humble opinion) a twisty end different from what is here (sorry, I want a different ending, please, please, please?)!  Left me ranting like a small child.

I highly recommend reading this story.  Be sure to pick up your Kleenexes off the table when you are done and put them in the trash.

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

Vampires Revealed by Rebeka Harrington

I want to start off by saying I am not a vampire fan.  I will never enjoy reading vampire books and I will never write one myself.  Never.  That being said, I almost turned Rebeka down because of her title.  She convinced me to give it a shot and I have to say I am so very glad I did.

This isn’t a vampire book.  In fact, vampires will roll over in their coffins (true or not?) when they read this.  The author pretty much created an expose of vampirism.  I completely loved it.  I enjoyed the humor and tongue in cheek writing style of Harrington and laughed whole heartedly at some of the traits either revealed or shot down. 

Anyone that has read a vampire book or just wants to know what is the truth needs to read this book.  It is an eye opener and very fun to read.  I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

The Eradication Dilemma by William Wilkerson

There is a lot to this book.  A lot to take in and a lot of plot lines to follow.  I admit I had trouble keeping my attention focused.  It seemed there were many unrelated activities going on throughout the book that it was sometimes hard to follow.

The end gathered all the pieces together nicely and this ended up being a pretty good book but I felt that I had to force myself to get through it.  I liked the plot lines and felt the author did a good job making the ends meet but it just seemed disjointed somehow.

I think this is one of those types of books that needs to be studied and not just read.  It has some great societal points that shouldn’t be ignored and I think the author did a great job theorizing the results at the end.  

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

The Eden Effect by Paul Lincoln

This short story packed quite a punch.  The story drew me in and kept me involved throughout.  I have to say I finished it in one setting; I couldn’t put it down.  Or rather I didn’t dare put it down.  It had all the comedy and tragedy of a full length novel packed neatly into a short story.

I wasn’t too surprised at the ending; just saddened.  Cause and effect are shockingly close together sometimes and this story brings that forefront for all to see.  I really liked the way the author wove the story over the generations and didn’t have any problems following the logic of the decisions made by the actors.

I very much enjoyed reading this short story and pray this never happens to me.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

L. A. Success by Lance Schaefer

This book had an easy going flow about it.  Lonnie just sort of flows through life, picking up pieces here and there.  I didn’t have any trouble getting into the story.  The author was pretty clear where he was going and glided right along from beginning to end.  There really weren’t any surprises along the way.

The characters were very believable and easy to get along with, in fact there was little controversy in the book and became kind of tedious in some parts.  However, for this type of book and the story it was trying to convey, it was pretty well written.  Concepts were easily conveyed and you know whom you were rooting for.

Overall, I liked reading this book and would recommend it.

Reviewed by Sue Owen