Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hollywood Cowboys by Mike Chinakos

This book was a pleasant surprise.  Chinakos weaves real life events, characters and scenes in with what the normal world would consider fiction.  Or is it?  Following the Hollywood Cowboys cast and crew around my home town made me stop and wonder.  Are they really just making this up?  Could there possibly be any facts behind this supernatural craze?

I just loved the way the story unfolds.  It sucks you into the plot thinking this is just going to be a normal fiction novel about normal people then the author tosses in a vampire or two.  How about a zombie party?  Did you catch that nuances?  Pay attention when you read this book, which I highly recommend, because not everything is said up front.  There are plenty of subtle hints in Chinakos’ words that may warrant a second reading.  Or a third.  

Reviewed by Sue Owen