Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Fist Full of Fire by Misti Wolanski

This is a great love story and pretty untypical at the same time.  I had fun reading this book and realized quickly I’d have to pay attention to make sure I didn’t miss any queues.  The characters were believable even though from different races and I like the intertwining of races versus environment illustrating that we can all get along.  The story itself was pretty standard boy meets girl, someone falls in love, someone doesn’t and someone has a great surprise at the end. 

What made this unique were definitely the characters and the setting.  It gave my imagination a place to go with the authors descriptions of the scenery as well as the players themselves.  I liked traveling this journey with the two main characters and have to say that I was pretty sure of the ending but still had to read on to make sure I was sure!

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Reviewed by Sue Owen

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