Sunday, November 10, 2013

Freedom's Sword by Jeanne Tomlin

Set in old Scotland it had my attention right away.  This is a setting that I’ve used many times in my own writing and one that I particularly love.   The author remains true to history and follows a knight that should be king through his trials and tribulations.  It is extremely well written and the descriptions as well as characters are truly believable.  You know right away who your hero is and I found myself yelling at him often as he makes the noble decisions and not the ones I think he should make.

Lots of action, fighting and plenty of times to sit back and reflect on what life really was like back then.  The author tossed in enough of everyday life to keep me interested and I kept saying to myself “yeah, that’s exactly how it must have been.”   An enjoyable read and will keep you interested the whole way through.

Reviewed by Sue Owen

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